African girl with Glaucoma

Some of you may know that famous Tobymac’s song; « I’ve got my eyes on it ».

As I see our journey here in Africa, I can tell God’s eye is on it. In some region of Sub-Saharan Africa, you have one eye surgeon per 10,000,000 people. Out of ten patients having glaucoma in Africa, 6 of them will go blind.  The main reasons is that the surgical and medical treatment for Glaucoma is unreachable and too expensive for most Africans.

The waiting area at the eye clinic

Reading those figures, you can understand why I got passionate about saving African eyes and giving them the Gospel. It has been  an amazing journey. After six months of eye residency, I was able to perform my first eye surgery. What a joy to see people coming from so far away, even from other African countries, smile and praise God after you took care of them.

René (not his real name) had a bush accident while working in the farm. The straw reached his eye and wounded his cornea. His vision became blurry. He had lost hope of being able to see well again until he came to our center  and we took care of him. He was able to see again and said: miracles happen here. Of course, there are some situations when ophthalmology cannot help anymore. But even there, there is an always an opportunity to tell about Jesus, our ultimate healer. What can you say after all that? God’s eye is on it.

My commissioning into Ophthalmology training